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Aesthetic gynecology

Laser vaginoplasty

Laser vaginoplasty

Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) is the loss of the optimal vagina structure, usually after vaginal child delivery or due to the natural aging process. Multiple pregnancies and deliveries, as well as menopause which causes a decline in hormone levels, and consequentially, vaginal atrophy, contribute to worsening of vaginal laxity.

Most women and their partners complaining of a loss of vaginal tightness refer to vaginal relaxation syndrome as “loose vagina”, which is related to reduction of friction during intercourse, and thus a decrease or loss of sexual pleasure. With the use of the Fotona laser  which affects the vaginal walls, the laser beam stimulates collagen production in the vaginal mucosa and pelvic fascia. In effect, tissues gain firmness and elasticity, vagina tightness increases, and sexual satisfaction improves, enhancing the overall quality and comfort of woman’s life.

Non-invasive laser vaginal tightening treatment constitutes an alternative to invasive treatments which often require long convalescence and are associated with post-treatment side effects. Although there are many treatment methods of vaginal – from behavioral treatments (Kegel exercises), through pharmacological therapies (hormone treatments, creams and sprays improving elasticity), to surgical treatments, none one of them is as effective and, at the same time, safe, as laser treatment. Even though surgical treatments can give desired results, they are associated with multiple risks such as scars, nerve damage or loss of sensation. Huge interest in cosmetic gynaecology treatments has pushed researchers to look for less invasive methods of treatment that guarantee effectives and safety.

Before treatment patients must attend gynaecological consultation and perform the following tests:

  •     recent cytology test results
  •     general urine test
  •     condition of the reproductive organ without pathology
  •     Pap smear


  •     pregnancy and lactation
  •     receiving radiation-sensitive drugs
  •     injury and/or active infection in the treated area
  •     undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
  •     menstruation
  •     porphyria
  •     systemic diseases
  •     diagnosed, suspected or past breast cancer
  •     active or past history of venous thromboembolic disease

The procedure

The treatment consists of two stages. The first stage consists of irradiation of the vaginal canal over its whole length by means of a special laser speculum and circular beam adapter. The use of these accessories enables fast and easy irradiation over the entire perimeter of the vaginal canal. In each irradiated area, energy of 90J is applied in a special sequence causing non-ablative, precisely controllable and only thermal influence on the vaginal walls, which causes immediate tightening of the tissue and initiates collagen remodelling and new synthesis of collagen in the vaginal mucosa. The second stage also consists of irradiation of the of the vaginal opening and vestibule. For this procedure a straight beam head is necessary. Energy is distributed similarly as in the first stage. The procedure doesn’t require anaesthesia. The patient can return to normal activity right after the treatment. Duration 30 – 60 minutes.

Post-treatment recommendations:

  •     abstaining from sexual activity for one month
  •     application of an estrogen gel twice a week for one month
  •     follow-up visit after two months

Cosmetic gynaecology treatments are performed at our clinic by Dr. Katarzyna Wilgus-Kubica.

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