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Lumbar spinal disc herniation, less often cervical, is a source of worry for many patients because of its extremely intense pains of the spine radiating from a foot or arm. Disc herniation is a medical consition in which a tear in the outer, fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc allows the soft, central portion to bulge out. Until not long ago one of the methods of treating disc herniation was a serious operation of the spine. Thanks to applying the new method.


Since the beginning of the year a dozen or so operations using the newest minimally invasive methods of treating cervical and lumbar disc herniation have been performed in EUROKLINIKA. Some of them have been performed by means of endoscopic disc removal Disc-FX (more information about this method is available in informational leaflets).


– Thanks to the cooperation with EUROKLINIKA we can offer our patients surgical treatment for which they do not have to wait for many months as in the case of public hospitals. In Euroklinika we perform all minimally invasive treatments of the spine: nucleoplasty, microdiscectomy with implantation of nucleus pulposus prosthesis Satellite, PLIF and Inswing intervertebral stabilizations – says doctor of medical sciences Krzysztof Majchrzak, specialist neurosurgeon from the Spinal Therapy Centre.


Warning! In the case of operations carried out for foreign patients require longer (up to 10 -14 days) stay in Poland, for safe and complete withdrawal of all actions associated with the ongoing operation.


Spinal Therapy Centre

The Spinal Therapy’s Centre’s offer is directed to everyone who thinks seriously about his/her health and activeness, and also to those who cannot enjoy the pleasures of life due to pains of the spine, head or limbs. The Spinal Therapy’s Centre’s offer first of all covers a complex approach to conservative treatments of spinal diseases. Drawing from modern neuro-orthopaedic, spondyliatric and physiotherapeutic knowledge we offer the implementation of an adequate and individual therapy for each patient. We guarantee one of the lowest prices in Poland!

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