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obesity treatment Poland KatowiceObesity is a current and growing health problem and the number of obese people is increasing at a very high pace. Obesity leads to the development of numerous diseases which further complicate the quality of life and increase treatment costs. Unfortunately, conservative treatment enables to loose a small amount (approximately 5%) of weight and its effects are usually short-term.


In our clinic we help patients to significantly reduce fat through specialist surgical treatments, which permanently reduce stomach size.


We perform sleeve gastrectomy which is a key element of a comprehensive obesity treatment program dedicated to patients with very large excess weight and in case of morbid obesity. It is relatively the simplest and, in many cases, most effective surgical technique in the treatment of morbid obesity.

In our clinic we effectively carry out slimming treatments from many years. To obtain more information about treatments performed in our clinic, please contact us.


Warning! In the case of operations carried out for foreign patients require longer (up to 10 -14 days) stay in Poland, for safe and complete withdrawal of all actions associated with the ongoing operation.

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