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Classical medicine

Spine surgeries

spine surgeriesThanks to extensive cooperation of our clinic with Polish and foreign providers of spinal implants we offer a wide range of minimally invasive spine surgeries. The surgeries are performed by our qualified team of  neurosurgeons: Dr. Mariusz Maliszewski and Dr. Krzysztof Majchrzak. We guarantee some of the lowest prices in Poland!


We perform the following types of spine surgeries:

  • CERVICAL AND LUMBAR NUCLEOPLASTY – transdermal treatment of minor herniaton of the nucleous pulposus through coblation. We use equipment produced by American company ArthroCare.
  • DECOMPRESSION OF NUCLEOUS PULPOSUS WITH ANNULOPLASTY – endoscopy using the DISC FX. We use original equipment produced by the American company Elliquence.
  • LUMBAR MICRODISCECTOMY WITH TLIF AND TRANSPEDICULAR STABILIZATION OF THE SPINE. We use two types of TLIF-type intervertebral cages:  T-Pal manufactured by Swiss company Synthes and Juliet also produced by Swiss company – SpineArt-Alteris. In our clinic we use only systems for percutaneous implantation of transpedicular screws and connecting rods: Matrix and Romeo manufactured by Swiss companies Synthes and SpineArt-Alteris.
  • DYNAMIC INTERSPINOUS STABILIZATION OF THE LUMBAR SPINE. In our clinic we use – depending on indications – three types of interspinous stabilizers: InSWing manufactured by the Polish company LFC which sold in 2008 the patent to an American company Orthofix Spine – Blackstone Medical and implants produced by Swiss company Synthes – StenoFix and In-Space.
  • NECK DISCECTOMY. In our clinic we use implants manufactured by the American company Medtronic, Cornerstone interbody cages and Bryan-type disc prostheses.
  • VERTEBROPLASTY – a procedure consisting of filling a fractured vertebra with a special type of bone cement of high viscosity and low temperature of polymerization produced by American company Stryker.

After spinal surgery the patient needs to undergo proper and immediate rehabilitation. It speeds up the recovery process, reduces postoperative complaints and improves healing of surgical wounds. Patients can undergo post-operative rehabilitation in the Spinal Treatment Centre in Jaworzno with which we cooperate with.
Spine Treatment Centre

The Centre’s offers is addressed to all patients who seriously think about their health and fitness, as well as those who due to back, head or limb pain can’t enjoy life. The Centre’s wide offer covers mainly a comprehensive approach to conservative treatment of spine disorders. Basing on modern neuro-orthopedic, spondylotic and physiotherapy knowledge we offer therapy that meets the individual needs of each patient.
Warning! In the case of operations carried out for foreign patients require longer (up to 10 -14 days) stay in Poland, for safe and complete withdrawal of all actions associated with the ongoing operation.


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