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Cosmetic surgery

Fine lines removal

kwas hialuronowyHyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin. Its moisturizing and high elasticity properties are responsible for the face’s round, smooth and defined shape. Over time these properties disappear or become weakened: the upper and lower part of the cheeks drop, fine lines begin to appear and the face loses its oval shape, what distorts its harmonious appearance. The skin becomes dehydrated and the tissues loosen. However, replenishing the skin with hyaluronic acid allows it to regain its firmness and tightness.

TEOXANE Laboratories is a Swiss company which specializes in the production of injectable facial fillers. TEOSYAL is made of 100% hyaluronic acid and is used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in more than 80 countries. Drawing on their experience, TEOXANE Laboratories has broadened its product range with a new line of rejuvenating cosmetic products based on hyaluronic acid microspheres which settle at the bottom of wrinkles and fill them effectively. Teosyal cosmeceuticals are a range of unique products consisting of 4 revolutionary and innovative products designed for: • visible anti-ageing effects • correction and coverage of skin defects • preparation of the skin for cosmetic injections

TEOSYAL is injected directly into wrinkles, increasing the density of the skin tissue and filling in wrinkles. After just one treatment fine lines are visibly diminished and skin texture is improved.


The product is injected directly in the areas in which the tissues are losing firmness, causing an immediate effect of tight and filled skin. Owing to this effect, Teosyal gels are an alternative to plastic surgery. If skin slackening isn’t very visible, it is possible to re-sharpen the skin contour. It is therefore important to begin the treatment as early as possible.


When injected into the dermis, Teosyal provides deep moisture. Non- gels may absorb water exceeding their volume by 1000 times! High elasticity properties help TEOSYAL to penetrate deep into skin tissues, allowing them to retain their firmness and elasticity, giving immediate and natural results. Following acid injection it is possible to immediately return to everyday activities.



TEOSYAL® range of products for filling in fine lines, 100% hyaluronic acid:

  Fills  Teosyal Global Action  Surface wrinkles, crow’s feet
 Teosyal Deep Lines  Moderate fine lines, all areas
 Teosyal First Lines  Moderate fine lines, all areas
 Teosyal Touch Up  Very deep fine lines, furrows, folds
  Corrects  Teosyal Kiss  Lip correction and augmentation
 Teosyal Ultra Deep  Wrinkled, thick skin
  Moisturizes  Teosyal Meso    Skin moisture

TEOSYAL® Global Action
– concentration of 25 mg, recommended for correction of moderate lines and nose folds, meant for all facial areas in which wrinkles are not very visible. For final and long-lasting effects a series of smaller injections is recommended after 6-9 months.

TEOSYAL® Deep Lines –  concentration of 25 mg, it’s a very sticky gel recommended for filling in deep facial wrinkles, furrows and nasolabial folds. For optimal results the treatment should be repeated after 6-9 months.

TEOSYAL® First Lines – concentration of 20 mg, it is recommended for correcting delicate, surface wrinkles in sensitive areas such as crow’s feet. For final and long-lasting effects a series of smaller injections is recommended after 6-9 months.

TEOSYAL® Touch Up – concentration of 25 mg, it differs from Teosyal Global Action only in its package (2 x 0.5 ml). Applied for touch up sessions and to compliment other Theosyal products.

TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep – is a product with a highly interconnected network structure and concentration of 25 mg. Specially formulated to remove very deep wrinkles in thick skin, eliminates skin folds, restores proper density and contour of the face, fills out sagging cheeks. Thanks to the use of very thin needles which reduces the patient trauma during the injection. For final and long-lasting effects a series of smaller injections is recommended after 9-12 months.

TEOSYAL® Meso – non-network structured hyaluronic acid with concentration of 15 mg, recommended for correcting skin properties. Gels in this form can absorb water of exceeding their volume by 1000 times. They provide deep moisture, hydrate the skin, improve its color and rejuvenate it. Used mainly for thin and dehydrated skin to stop skin aging. For optimal results a series of 2-3 injections is recommended (once per 3 weeks).



Method of removing fine lines which consists of a series of fine line injections. It’s mechanism of action consists of blocking and relaxing mimic facial muscles, erasing wrinkles for about 6 months. Applied to the muscle, botulinum toxin (protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum) blocks transmission of the chemical signal responsible for muscle contraction. It is applied in small amounts to ensure that its affects only the muscle to which it was applied. The cost of the treatment depends on the amount of administered doses.

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