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Cosmetic surgery

Permanent make-up

Permanent makeup is ideal for women who value their time. If you feel that everyday make-up takes up too much of your time or you want to make sure it’s done perfectly, why not try out the advantages of permanent make-up. Permanent makeup not only looks natural but also adds femininity and improves the appearance. Accentuated eyebrows, enhanced lash line and well-shaped lips will make you feel more beautiful, happy and more active. At EUROKLINICA permanent make-up is performed by our excellent make-up artist, Elżbieta Włodarczyk.

Which visual features can be enhanced and improved by permanent makeup?

Eye brows
– the most defining feature of the face. They enhance the appearance and make the face appear more interesting and intriguing. Cost: 850 zł.

– accentuates the and facilitates everyday make-up. Upper eye lids: 550 zł, lower eye lids: 450 zł

– thanks to permanent make-up their shape is always perfect and delicate and their colour is enhanced, while retaining its natural look. Cost; lip contour: 600 zł, contour+shading: 750 zł, countour+filling 850 zł.

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