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Diplomas and certificates

During his long-standing career, dr Jerzy Wilgus took part in several hundred conventions, conferences, industry-specific meetings held in Poland and across the world. Below we present selected diplomas and certificates which doctor Jerzy Wilgus has obtained throughout the years of his professional career:

1. 1st Symposium of Microsurgery – Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Wrocław 1988

2. XVII Postgraduate course “Techniques of Microsurgery and Hand Surgery” – Wrocław 1991

3. Workshop of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Medical University of Łódź, 1993

4. The 2-nd Polish Course on Aesthetic Surgery – Gdańsk 1997

5. A course in Aesthetic Surgery – 1999

6. Exoderm method of non surgical face lift – 1999

7. Seminar „Marketing management in the work of health service manager” – 8. Business Consulting, Warszawa 2000

9. Conference on burns 2000 – Poznań

10. International  Symposium for Plastic Surgeons  „Aesthetic Breast Surgery – Update” – Department of Plastic Surgery – Wilhelminespital, Wiedeń 2001

11. EURAPS International Course – Face lift Experties and Controversy, Wiedeń 2003

12. Certificate in the application of the following preparations: Kosmopeel, Strechpeel, Les felins, Dr Alain Tenenbaum, Warszawa 2004

13. 4th Symposium of Plastic Surgeons – Bielsko-Biała 2004

15. Use of electrosurgery equipment – EMED, Opacz 2005

16. X Convention of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery, Wisła 2005

17. A doctor’s civil liability for the performed profession and public liability – EUROMRDIC, Katowice 2005

18. VI Conference “The good and bad sides of aesthetic surgery” – Poznań 2006

19. Mesotherapy – clinical orders, the choice of active ingredients, application techniques, procedures following the treatment and maintenance of the obtained results – Fenice 2006

20. XII Convention of the Polish Society of Plastic, Recosntructive and Aesthetic Surgery– Łódź 2009

21. Skulptra Training Program – 2009

22. Laser Lypolysis and Endovenous workshop – COLLTOUCH, Praga 2009

23. International course – Oncoplastic surgery: Radiofrequency surgery, breast surgery, transplantation of fat with the use of stem cells – Artimed, Gdańsk 2009

24. Certificate in applying MENTOR H/S breast implants

25. Manufacturing Plant Tour and Educational Symposium, MENTOR, Leiden – Holandia

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