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Information for patients


informacje dla pacjentów Eurokliniki

At EUROKLINIKA we usually perform two medical consultations. During the first one (in case of foreign patients it can be carried out by phone), we discuss all of the details concerning the treatment and inform patients’ how to prepare for the treatment and how long will convalescence take. The second consultation is on the day of treatment. Depending on the type of treatment, the doctor will inform you how long will it take for you to recover before you can safely leave the clinic. In case of all surgeries we suggest bringing someone with you. We do not recommend driving alone.

At EUROKLINIKA we perform treatments under local and general anesthesia. Patients undergoing surgeries under local anesthesia are required to get the following tests done:

1. Blood count

2. Coagulation test

3. Antigen (HBs) level

Patients undergoing surgeries under general anesthesia are additionally required to do the following tests:

4. Blood count with differential count

5. General urine test

6. Biochemistry

7. Blood type (if undocumented)


Patients are asked to do tests and bring their results for consultation prior to the surgery. Patients can also undergo tests in our clinic – in this case it necessary to have a document stating the blood type. Please note that the test results must be recent (taken within 2 weeks). We treat each patient on an individual basis, hence your doctor may require additional tests related to the treatment, therefore the final and complete list of required tests will be provided by the doctor or nurse during medical consultations in our clinic.



Vaccination against hepatitis protects the health and life of each human being. Although it is not compulsory, it is generally recommended. To ensure safety of the surgery it is sufficient to receive two hepatitis B vaccinations. At least two weeks must pass from the second dose (0/1/6 month dose schedule), which means that patients may undergo surgeries 1,5 month after vaccination. In case of not receiving vaccination prior to surgery, patients are asked to fill out and sign a declaration in which they agree to undergo surgery at their own risk.



Our mission is to take care of patients’ health and satisfaction, therefore we focus mainly on providing medical services. We do not offer loans for financing treatments. We suggest seeking financing help at specialized banks or other lending institutions. We require an advance payment in the amount of 10% of the total cost of the treatment. The rest of the payment must be made on the date of the treatment, in whole and prior to preparing the Patient for the treatment. We accept payments in cash and documents confirming transfer to our bank account. We do not accept credit cards.


If you are interested in a specific treatment or have any additional questions regarding the prices or other issues concerning our clinic, do not hesitate to contact us by means of the form below


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