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Out of concern for your spine 


EUROKLINICA broadens its range of medical serives. In cooperation with the Spinal Therapy Centre our clinic has introduced new, minimally-invasive methods of treating cervical and lumbar dyscopathy. Specialists claim that it’s a turning point in treating spinal diseases. 

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Moms want to have a flat stomach 


Stretch marks, excess of body fat, stretched skin – these are the main problems which young moms face after pregnancy. Some of them are naturally eliminated by the organism, however sometimes a woman’s body needs help from outside. Many young moms want to look as attractive as they looked before they gave birth to their children. How to enjoy motherhood and at the same time be a beautiful woman who’s satisfied about her body? 

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A laser may permanently eliminate excessive sweating 


Effectiveness – it’s the greatest advantage of laser treatment in hyperhydrosis. In more than 95% of cases one treatment is enough to eliminate excessive sweating which touches every tenth person in Poland. From couple days NZOZ EUROKLINIKA performs treatments which allow to completely forget about this unpleasant complaint. The treatment costs about 4000zł. 

Read the full text:  EUROKLINIKA_natpotliwosc_leczenie_laserem 


A golden method in fighting obesity 


Heliosphere – one of the most effective methods of treating obesity consists of placing a balloon filled with air in the stomach. As a result of the surgery the stomach is considerably reduced and the feeling of hunger is eliminated. The method facilitates weight loss (approximately a dozen or so kilograms) and is recommended to patients who are overweight and want to get rid of redundant kilograms fastly and effectively.  

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New Year – New breasts 

Each year in December more and more patients decide to undergo plastic surgery. Only between the 15th and 30th of December dr Jerzy Wilgus’s team has performed 70% more treatments and operations than in the previous month.

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On the way to beauty

Polish women more and more often decide to undergo plastic surgery. Nothing doesn’t make us look younger as a healthy, beautiful smile, a young modelled silhouette or delicate, cared for skin. It is thanks to medical services that we may quickly improve our own look and the way we feel. Is investing in our bodies to feel a couple of years younger worth it? A dentist, plastic surgeon and cosmetologist point out the most frequent medical procedures in their offices.

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A new face for Justyna

Justyna is deformed, the left side of her face is disfigured. The eyelid and nose, her shifted downward corner of the mouth, sunken cheek and bad bite. The deformities are a result of a serious illness which Justyna she had in her early childhood – during four surgical operations the doctors removed an enormous cavernous hemangioma, however big scars remained after the operation. Pathological changes have determined her whole life. She rarely smiles because in Justyna’s case smiling means only one thing – pain and an unnatural grimace on her face. It’s going to change, it’s going to change very soon – says Justyna. After the operations I’ll be able to go back to normal life. The operations are going to be performed free of charge by dr Jerzy Wilgus.  

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