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Moms’ want to have a flat stomach

Stretch marks, excess of body fat, stretched skin – these are the main problems which young moms face after pregnancy. Some of them are naturally eliminated by the organism, however sometimes a woman’s body needs help from outside.


Many young moms want to look as attractive as they looked before they gave birth to their children. How to enjoy motherhood and at the same time be a beautiful woman who’s satified about her body?

– Pregnancy is one of the most intimate experiences of a woman both in the psychological sense as well as in the physiological aspect, as it involves an enormous effort of the whole body. Changes which take place in the organism during pregnancy are usually naturally reversible. Usually the woman’s organism restores the harmony from before the pregnancy, however this is not possible in all cases. The biological principle that a younger organism more quickly and effectively adapts functions here. Of considerable importance are also the personal conditions of a young mom (silhouette, lifestyle, genes) and the number of pregnancies. Most of our patients are women whom nature did not allow for various reasons go back to the state preceding the pregnancy. We always strive to help them with utmost precision and care, analysing all medical and non-medical possibilities of improving their silhouette – says doctor Jerzy Wilgus, the head of EUROKLINIKA.

A flat stomach, firm buttocks, slim legs – the dream look just like before pregnancy. In many cases the organism goes back to its former shape, however sometimes it requires the help of a plastic surgeon.

– As the newest research shows 70% of young moms pay attention to how they look after giving birth to their child. NZOZ EUROKLINIKA has observed an increase in the number of patients who want to improve their looks after pregnancy – Jerzy Wilgus adds.

The most common treatments aimed at correcting the defects of the female body performed in our clinic are abdominoplasty, laser liposuction, and needle and no-needle mesotherapy improving the elasticity and structure of the skin. Abdominoplasty, that is plastic surgery of the stomach, is a surgical treatment which aims at flattening and strengthening the abdominal wall muscles through removing the excess of body fat and redundant skin. Laser liposuction consists of sucking out the excess of body fat mainly in the stomach, hip and buttocks area. By means of laser radiation fat cells are broken up and sucked out. This is not accompanied by excessive bleeding and is painless. No-needle mesotherapy and needle mesotherapy consist in injecting healing substances which regenerate and improve the appearance of the skin and rejuvenate it.

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