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How to lose excessive weight?

Many patients who come to EUROKLINIKA are interested in excessive fat removal procedures. The easiest, and at the same time most healthy way of eliminating fat is a low-fat diet and getting rid of excessive calories by increased physical activity. However, for various reasons, not everyone has the time, possibilities and willingness to count their daily intake of calories and devote time to exercising. What to do in this situations? Below you will find some tips on how to quickly lose weight.

A person suffering from obesity is referred to a bariatric who offers advice and treatment through diet and, depending on the patient’s age and predispositions, recommends various forms of physical activity. In some cases, pharmacotherapy may be applied for faster results. It’s the least invasive and most natural method recommended to all patients.

In case of high obesity and the inability to deny oneself food, it is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist who may propose endoscopic insertion of a gold-covered balloon for approximately 6 months. This form of treatment may be initially uncomfortable for patients. Many of them complain about frequent nausea and vomiting (which they feel is too much for losing a couple or more kilograms).

Impatience or resignation caused by non-satisfactory treatment through conservative or gastroenterological methods finally brings the patient to a plastic surgeon, who offers several possibilities, involving both surgical and conservative treatment methods.

The safest method enabling minor correction of the silhouette – at minor cost and without the need for hospitalization is injection lypolysis. Injection lypolysis gives best results in case of patients in which body fat is not very thick and not too big. It is performed with the use of drugs based on phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. This method is not very radical and enables to remove small amounts of body fat, however all patients develop some kind of inflammatory condition and experience pain in areas where the lipodissolve products have been injected. To improve the overall effect, the treatment may be repeated after a couple weeks.

Nevertheless, the method which is most frequently applied by surgeons is liposuction. Laser liposuction, i.e. removal of fat from different sites on the human body, is an ideal method for patients wanting to get rid of small amounts of body fat in a fast and easy way. This method is recommended to be performed on the abdomen, chin, neck, shoulders, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, hips and ankle bones. The most frequent and advanced method of removal of excessive body fat is laser liposuction with the use of the COOLTOUCH – TRIO laser. More often this treatment is performed for acquiring fat cells for transplantation. The use of a laser allows achieving better results than in case of traditional liposuction and significantly minimizes the risk of post-surgery complications. In case of small areas it is possible to perform the surgery under local anesthesia. If, however, the patient decides to undergo more extensive surgery on various parts of the body, we apply general anesthesia to ensure his or her comfort. An additional advantage of this type of surgery is minor invasiveness and, therefore, faster return to health and work.

In case of traditional liposuction, fat sucked out of the body consists of 70% of fat cells and anesthetic substance and 30% of blood. In case of laser treatment these proportions are more favorable to the organism and amount to respectively: 88 and 12%. This enables to increase the amount of removed fat up to 200%!

Some technical data: the device achieves up to 25W. The wavelength is 1320nm (about 2,5mm), which eliminates the risk of damaging skin tissues. Older devices which used CO2 or pulsating diode lasers the wavelength was much longer, increasing the risk of damaging skin tissues, what often resulted in complications. COOL TOUCH – COOLLIPO SN 160 additionally causes the contraction of collagen fibers, what results in tightening of the skin. COOL LIPO is currently the most technologically advanced device, enabling treatment of persons with large weight excess with minimum complications.

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