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Hyperhidrosis – laser treatment

While there are 2 to 3 million sweat glands on the human body, as much as 300 of them may be found on one square centimetre. Depending on the intensity of everyday activities (sports, stress, physical activity) and the temperature an adult looses from a dozen or so millilitres up to a couple of litres of water during the organism’s cooling process (sweating)! What should be done in order to reduce the amount of sweat which our body excretes? Laser comes to the rescue!


Treating hyperhydrosis by means of a laser gives permanent results usually without the need of repeating the treatments. Patients who a qualified for the operation undergo a laser test involving the optimal selection of such energy so as to achieve the best result by using the least energy. The treatment itself usually takes up to one hour and its effects are visible after 6 days after the treatment has been performed. In more than 95% of cases one treatment is enough to eliminate excessive sweating which touches every tenth person in Poland. From couple days NZOZ EUROKLINIKA performs treatments which allow to completely forget about this unpleasant complaint. The treatment costs about 4000zł. 


– Hyperhydrosis is one of the most important ways loosing warmth by each person’s organism. Completely stopping this it would lead in a very short period of time to overheating, therefore we shouldn’t treat sweating as a process with which everyone should deal with or completely eliminate. The problem arises when the amount of excreted fluids in certain parts of our body is higher than in other persons. There are various reasons for this and that is why every case should be individually consulted. In almost all cases also a prior dermatological consultation is recommended – says dr Jerzy Wilgus, the head of EUROKLINIKA. 

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