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Najnowsze urządzenie do bezinwazyjnego zabiegu ujędrniającego i modelującego ciało.
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Bezoperacyjny lifting twarzy i ciała.
Bez bólu i bez okresu rekonwalescencji.


Bezoperacyjny lifting twarzy i ciała.
Bez bólu i bez okresu rekonwalescencji.

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Weekend peeling

The weekend peel is a delicate, moderately deep, surface peel which is very popular due to the fact that the patients’ are excluded from their professional lives only for a very short period of time. In this treatment a preparation made up of lactic acid, salicylic acid, undecylenic acid, resorcinol, Dead Sea salts and aloe extracts is used.

During the first phase of the peel the doctor removes the outer layer of the skin by means of the chemical dissolved in ethanol preparation. The next phase consists in the exfoliation of the epidermis by means of powdered coral. The treatment ends with the application of a soothing preparation on the face which consists of: silica, disodium oxide and algae. After the treatment the face is reddened and a kind of mask is forms on the face (as a result of contraction). However, after 2-3 days the skin begins to exfoliate revealing a fresh, reconstructed epidermis. It is necessary to moisturize the skin for a couple days after the treatment to provide the skin with an appropriate amount of mineral components necessary for regeneration.

The peel helps to remove discolorations, surface wrinkles, skin changes caused by sun exposure, and small post-acne scars. This treatment may be only applied on the face, in neck areas, the neckline, back and palms. The cost of this treatment varies from 3500 zł.

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