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Plastic surgery

Breast reduction and augmentation

Breast reduction and augmentation The surgery consists in the  implantation of breast prostheses under the mammary gland or under the breast muscle. The incisions made in this surgery are located in the armpit area or under the breast groove. The surgery may last approximately one hour. It is performed under general anaesthesia. The patient is required to stay in the clinic for about two days.


In our clinic we make use of the best American and English breast prostheses which come in various shapes and sizes. Before the operation the patient decides about the kind of implanted prostheses. Treatment takes up to 12 days.


Return to active life is possible after a week. In case of breast augmentation by means of prosthesis certain complications may occur such as hardening of scar tissue (capsular contraction) around the prosthesis. This complication is very rare but nevertheless it may appear. Sometimes complications such as inflammations, haematomas or scars in intercession areas may occur.


Price: 2.900 – 3.700 GBP.


Warning! In the case of operations carried out for foreign patients require longer (up to 10-14 days) stay in Poland, for safe and complete withdrawal of all actions associated with the ongoing operation.


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